Annoying Couples

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Remember when you were in High School and there was this (annoying) couple that made you want to lose your lunch (Exorcist style) every time you saw them? We all know people who engage in PDA and other obnoxious acts (not because they love each other) just because they could. Now don’t get us wrong LOVE rules especially when it’s real. But in this day and age it’s very hard to separate the real (love) from the fake but the editors over at HFL are going to show you exactly how to separate the two. Dangerously in love? Or Faking Jack?

These are The Days of Speidi: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt took media whoring to truly epic proportions. Being secondary character’s on the now canceled MTV Show The Hills never suited this pair and they used that opportunity to try and launch themselves as “stars” and really wanted to be seen as the “Mogul’s” they imagined themselves to be. Never ones to shy away from the “Pimp and Hoe stereotype”, Spencer convinced Heidi not only to marry him in real life but to also alter her body with 10 cosmetic procedures in one sitting!

And don’t forget all the break-up’s, firings (of each other) and divorce proceeding that they ended up stopping because they realize they would get more press opportunities together than they ever would apart. To quote Heidi, “it’s time for me to hang up all the drama like fighting and divorce talk with Spencer and become the mogul I am.” It does not get any “realer” than this kids.

John Legend and Christine Teigen Best Friends! John Legend and his “girl friend” Christine Teigen sure don’t strike us as a real “passionate” couple. These two seem more like girl friends (Sex in the City) who have so much in common.

They love to shop, dress up in costumes and they almost look related. We’re not making any judgements here and John Legend claims to be straight but he has also been dogged by those pesky gay rumors since he was in college….#justsaying!  FAKE!

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar - Driving Khloe: Never before  has any couple in sports been more annoying than Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. While most couples fight over finances we know that Lamar and Khloe fight over things like their new perfume bottle designs. We have one comment for Lamar… please grow a pair and kill the reality show ASAP before you lose more than the respect of the public and HFL.

Lil Wayne in HEAT: Few people have the life that Weezy F. Baby (and don’t forget the baby) has. Arnold Schwarzenegger has nothing on Wayne when it come to the ladies. Wanye has sperminated so many women in the film and music industry that only Bob Marley has more children.

Wayne don’t love them hoes and has rarely EVER been seen out with one “official” girl…that us until recently. Wayne has been sited in HEAT with his “stylist”setting the net on FIRE with speculation as to the status of the relationship. And for that reason alone we are quick to label this couple as ANNOYING.

Bieber and Selena Gomez – Smells like a publicity stunt. If you’re over the age of 15 I’m sure these two give you one impression and that is a FALSE one.  Not since Zac and Vanessa has a couple seen more “inorganic” and FAKE.

These two did not come together like most kids who first begin to” date”, no the dating came between the two publicist who sat together in a suite at the Chateau Marmont and strategized how to maximize both of their careers and soon after the contracts were drawn up. Maybe that would explain the puke factor of seeing these two in beach clothing holding hands (before the cameras) or even the sight of them “kissing.” FAKE!

Wiz Kalifah and Amber Rose: Beyond the GAG order. Wiz Kalifah and Amber Rose have one person to thank for their somewhat unlikely union and that is Kanye West. The “Kanye factor” can’t be ignored because it’s the only thing people talk about when discussing these two.

Amber of course denies that she has “downgraded” and Wiz denies that he is getting sloppy seconds. But in the end they both moved for C-level status to a solid B (in the Urban world). But the constant PDA they display really makes one question just how genuine this relationship really is.

Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels – Don’t believe the HYPE! Nicki Minaj has the best approach when dealing with “love”… treat them like your Hype Man. I mean of all the relationship this one makes the most sense for a female Rapper. Safaree is officially Nicki Hype man and he is usually behind her hyping her up, taking her orders and being her barrier when needed to shield herself from haters. And if Nicki ever get tired of him she can give him a pink slip and it’s on the next. Winning!


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