Kid Cudi: How To Fall Off In America

January 27th, 2012 by Hotel Fashionland received 1 Comment »

#1.  Military coat and his grandfather’s Rolex is rose gold. There is a fine line between classic cool and corny but that obvious fashionista take on military cool and the corniest of Rolex watches screams a pocket full of Werther’s Originals. #2. I dig Takashi Murakami as much as the next guy but the giant flower pin on your sister’s denim jacket is not very rockstar.

#3.  Friendship bracelets and tie dye, was this Coachella? If not…fail.

#4. Leggings, wait those are jeans? A terrible Hendrix t-shirt and the old flannel around the waist? Come on Scott!

#5. A Guns N Roses t-shirt and Jordan retros? Mr. Mescudi you’re not even trying.

#6. Give Kanye back his Jesus piece.

#7.  The second season of How to Make It in America saw a much bigger role for Kid Cudi.  The show was cancelled…nuff said.

Fast Tube by Casper


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One Response to “Kid Cudi: How To Fall Off In America”

  1. Aaron says:

    Are u seriously sayin cudi can’t dresss? Kill yourself