The Good, the BAD and the Espy Awards

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Well it’s that time of year again kids and the ESPN ESPY Awards are here! Athletes may be the master of their respective sports but on the Red Carpet the results are often times less than spectacular but at least they are always fun to watch. We have such sights to show you…….so let’s get started!

Blake Griffin stays WINNING! Blake is consistently CLASSIC and if you’ve been following our coverage of BG you should notice that he has worn this particular suit before. There is absolutely nothing wrong with rocking a great suit more than once (most people do) especially if it looks as good as well as this one does on Blake. BG’s biggest asset is that he has great taste and he keeps it modern and that takes him to the top of our BEST DRESSED list. Don’t hate!

Matt Kemp hit it out of the PARK! Rihanna may have dumped him but he is feeling no pain on the Red Carpet. It’s clear his time with a Fashion Icon has had a positive influence because this look is a 40/40.

Bieber’s Fashion foul-up. Bieber needs a new look and pronto. And someone needs to tell this kid that All that Glitters is not GOOD. We’re not sure if Justin dresses like Usher or if Usher dresses like the Bieber. Either way it’s a bad prospect. This is music industry dressing 101 and we don’t approve.

Don’t believe the HYPE. San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson came in spandex but Amare Stoudemire look is far more comical. The sad part is Amare thinks he’s styling and Brain is the one trying to be funny. People should never confuse your intentions on the red carpet kids. Brain has an excuse Amare does not. Let this be a lesson to all of you. The wrong accessories can destroy your entire look. NO SHADE!

“Body Body Body…. and CURVES” Serena Williams is extremely comfortable in her skin but this dress is just not working  for us. When you’re a brick house and stacked like this clothing is less of the issue but Serena can do better than this. The color of the dress is wrong, the hair is hideous and the combined results are just sloppy. But when Serena turns around all is “almost” forgiven.

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  1. Furious Styles says:

    Serena looks good!Justin Bieber is super annoying. And Blake does dress well. Amare???? Why?????