The MOST STYLIST court appearances EVER! 

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Many people assume that being a celebrity is a rather carefree existence.  Contrary to popular opinion, money and fame don’t “always” mean you’re above the law, but star power is something we think greatly alters the notion of being “equal under the law”.

Contrary to popular opinion, money and fame don’t “always” mean you’re above the law, but star power is something we think greatly alters the notion of being “equal under the law”. The famous live their lives on the stage so why should going to court be treated any differently? Here is the HFL list of some of the most stylish court appearances EVER. These celebrities want you to know that not only are they innocent of all charges but that they are also FAMOUS.

Theodora Richards: Model Behavior - “A lovely Polite Woman” were the words that celebrity attorney Stacey Richman used to describe his client  the modeling daughter of ROCK GOD Keith Richards. The lovely Theodora Richards was busted after cops caught her scrawling a message on the wall of a Soho convent and later discovered she also had drugs in her purse. Undaunted by the charges Theo, who wore a finely striped gray-and-white shirtdress and high heels to court walked through the doors like she was opening for The Dior show in Paris. Needless to say the judge agreed to dismiss the case against the model in exchange for two days of community service, so please don’t hate.

Michael Jackson: UNBREAKABLE - When ordinary people come to court to battle seven felony counts on child molestation they usually show up on time.

But when you’re the King of Pop not only do you arrive 20 minutes late but before you leave court you make time to dance on the roof of your SUV and blow kisses.

Mike’s next stylish turn came after being 40 minutes late and being under threat of arrest Jackson showed up in his pajamas bottoms and could barely walk. DRAMA! Jackson also effectively used color (nothing says innocent better than white), his star powered siblings and high priced lawyer to beat every single false count with style.

Lindsay Lohan: Clueless - If Cher from Clueless was going to court we’re pretty sure she would have done it like Lindsay Lohan. I’m sure in Lindsay’s world a “wardrobe is a terrible thing to waste”.

In either head to toe Chanel, a liquid leather mini dress or an all white dress by Kimberly Ovitz, Lindsay make statements even without saying a word.

Nicole Richie: Don’t Cry for Nicole Argentina….. Nicole Richie is not going to an actual funeral and she’s also not Eva Peron. Nicole is just answering another DUI Charge. Nicole wanted this judge to know that it would totally KILL HER to have to go to jail. And nothing screams compassion better than Christian Louboutin sling backs,  a Catherine Malandrino dress, and Joel Madden on your arm.


Martha Stewart: Miss Money Bags! - When you’re involved in a FEDERAL ENDITEMENT  before a jury of your peers the first thing you want to do is be relatable.  But walking into court with $20,000 worth of Birkin Bags does not help. When the media reported the price points on Martha’s bag….well let just say Marie Antoinette did not fare much better than Martha did in the press. The outrage was so harsh that Martha had to release a statement that her bag was “at least 11 years old and is a favorite handbag because it is so roomy — perfect for files.”

Well, unfortunately for Martha carrying bags that are surrounded by such a thick cloud of wealth and privilege was ill-advised before a jury of simple folk. But what do you do when the jury hands you lemons and you’re Martha Stewart?  Well you do your time, make a poncho and leave via private jet. Now take that Uncle Sam!

Naomi Campbell: Sashay! Shante! – Naomi never met an assistant she did like. And after paying her former assistant $363.32 dollars in resitution, Campbell was ordered by a Manhattan Criminal Court judge to a work stint of community service.

People were just waiting (dying) to see Naomi looking raggedy, pushing a mop and doing community service but it never happened.

Outfitted in a bare-shouldered, ankle-length shimmering gown and stiletto sandals, Miss Naomi ended her five days of community service in a New York City Department of Sanitation garage dressed as though she was headed to a party – which she was. Campbell wore a Dolce & Gabbana gown and drove off to Elton John’s 60th birthday and the entire story ran as the COVER of W Magazine. WINNING!

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