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Anatomy of a Celebrity Appearance during NYC Fashion Week.

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Kimye Hit Fashion Week and put on a show within a SHOW and HFL breaks it down frame by frame!

New York Fashion week has been a little “thin” when it came to true star power. Stargazing was limited to Kate Bosworth, Kristin Dunst, Ryan Lochte and the NBA. But it wasn’t till the second to last day of Fashion Week that the real star power arrived….KIMYE (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West).

The pair surprised everyone at Wednesday evening’s Marchesa show,watching the runway intently from front row seated beside Tyra Banks. We were pretty psyched to see them there, namely because Kim was wearing an explosive feather confection while Yeezy was bravely rocking the double denim (were these two even dressing for the same event?) Then, within the hour, the pair did a quick costume change and showed up at the Louise Goldin show, with Kim sporting a cute varsity jacket. (Goldin, if you recall, is the British designer who helped Kanye launch his own women’s wear line last year.) Watching Kanye and his “Perfect Bitch” we were entranced with the side show that has become Kimye. It’s hard to really know what is real and what is “celebrity theater” when you gaze at these two. There is always so much to consider when you see them together and that may be precisely by design. Vanity Fair recently wrote a scathing piece about how Scientology was auditioning women/actresses for the role of Mrs. Tom Cruise and as strange as this may have seemed Kimye comes off as just as calculated and contrived. There is very little that Kimye does that is by accident or that is not extremely well coordinated down to the matching outfits and media opportunities from the MTV Award promos (as a couple) to appearances on Keeping up with the Kardashians. It’s hard not to be suspicious of these two but maybe we’re just giving them too much credit. It could be that Kimye are simply just two vapid narcissists who simply share a love of all things material and gaudy (Beyonce Jay-Z anyone?).

Are you ready to review the anatomy of a Kimye appearance during NYC Fashion Week? Is this an organic love connection or a premeditated calculation? More after the turn.