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MTV Music Awards

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

The 2012 MTV Awards are a reflection of just how BAD Popular Music has gotten. Don’t believe us? We have PROOF!

MTV needs to just give it up at this point. The same people are winning, performing, and speaking. YAWN! And we can’t remember a show where they didn’t show a preview for the next Twilight disaster (shout out to K-STEW). How does a network that shows no music videos get to have an awards show about music videos? But we digress…..Let’s review some of the LAMEST moments of the 2012 show shall we?

1. Tyga and Big Sean. Don’t believe the HYPE! Tyga and Big Sean are the Kellogg Fruit Loops of the Rap Community (you know high on sugar, artificial colors, and low on nutritional value). Who wears leather when it’s over 95 degrees in LA? Also, when the head of your label dresses you like his bitch Kim Ka-Trashian there is something very wrong (Big Sean). These two need to stop playing dress up and put out some good music FIRST. Talk about delusional. More after the turn.