Ashton Kutcher is grossly overpaid and dresses like a TOOL!

September 21st, 2011 by Hotel Fashionland received Comments Off

If you watch political TV it’s obvious that this nation is in Deep SH**! But as one might expect Hollywood is feeling no pain and if you ask anyone in Hollywood about their views on the recession you might get the dismissive response of “recession?…what recession???”

Nowhere are the excessess of Hollywood more apparent than when you look at people like Ashton Kutcher. Frankly Ashton Kutcher is one lucky bastard!Not only is this guy talentless but he’s really just an over exposed boy toy of an aging Hollywood Actress with the name of Demi Moore. Let’s face it kids, If Ashton were not with Demi we would not even be talking about this douche bag.  But thanks to Hollywood’s love of nepotism Ashton is now making $750,000 per episode on the show “Two and a Half Men” because Charlie Sheen could not keep it together long enough to finish his over-paid job. But the thing that burns us the most is how BAD this guy dresses. Ashton’s style is so LAME it’s hard to believe that some designers and “fashion” magazines actually hire this creep to represent their respective BRANDS. This ”TOOL” always looks like he just smoked a pound of weed and is on a munchies run. Here are some of Ashton’s looks and tell us what you think? Remember we never said life at HFL is fair. Oh by the way “Two and a Half Men” debuted with over 28 Million viewers. It’s clear American does not have any issue with Ashton’s style or lack there of.


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