D-Wade’s a Fashion Victim & SI doesn’t know a thing about STYLE!

June 30th, 2011 by Hotel Fashionland received Comments Off

As we told you in an earlier post, Sports Illustrated polled 137 current NBA players as to who has the best off-the-court fashion sense. Dwyane Wade came in number one and we simply don’t agree. The NBA needs to learn more about what true STYLE is and HFL is always willing to teach. We commend D-Wade for trying but we think he should re-consider some of his choices and we sure don’t see D-Wade as any fashion icon (not yet).

Color is a great thing and so is fit but D-Wade should dress in a more mature and tasteful way so he does not look like an out of place freak. More often than not D-Wade seems a hapless victim of TRENDY choices rather than showing he understands and commands STYLE (think Usher). Far too often Wade has on the wrong fit (too tight), the wrong colors (too bright) and the wrong accessories (he over accessorize’s). D-Wade can learn a lot from number 13 on the NBA’s Best Dressed List and HFL favorite Amar’e Stoudemire. But he can also learn from another HFL style STAR….

Above: At Givenchy – Paris Menswear runway.

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