Jaden Smith takes it back to the 90′s!

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While sister, Willow is whipping her hair back and fourth, Jaden opted to step into 2012 and release himself from that OH SO dated hair style of braids. Finally!  Jaden’s hair has always deeply annoyed us….almost as much as his terrible sense of style and his poor ”rapping”.

But while Jaden’s hair cut is not exactly “breaking” news what was more interesting was seeing Will and Jada back together in public for the first time in months. Will & Jada (for those who have been living under a rock) have been plagued by breakup rumors, but they appeared to be enjoying a “happy and healthy” marriage when they attended the 76ers basketball game on Jan. 27 in Philadelphia.
Will, 43, and Jada, 40, were cozy at the big event, and we’re glad to see that this superstar couple has recovered from any difficulties in their marriage. NOT! Let’s keep it real….everything in Hollywood is not what it appears. Will and Jada are SO FAKE. This “marriage” is so over it’s not even funny. These two should get OSCARS for this performance. This is the marriage that Scientology created and just like Demi and Ashton this couple’s time is numbered.  Do YOU think Will and Jada will be together forever?
Lil Twist:  Jaden  may come to hate his childhood photos and can you blame him?  This strange hair creation would look better on Willow than on a boy. SMH!
It’s time for Androgyny…it’s JADEN! Not only do these kids have narcissistic names (Jada-Jaden and Willow-Will) but there seems to be this subversive deliberate take on femininity and masculinity with both of these kids and this girly hair style is exhibit A.


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