Justin and Jaden BFF’s (boys w/fucking fakes)

January 17th, 2012 by Hotel Fashionland received Comments Off

“Anything unauthentic, whether worn by a famous individual or not is highly frowned upon. “These are the words of the Louis Vuitton rep regarding Justin Beiber’s DapperDanesque fake Louis Vuitton jacket. Justin and Jaden Smith are 90′s babies trying to bring back the 80′s but looking like the copycat, unoriginal, swagger jacking 2012 kids that they really are.  There are so many people out here saving paycheck after paycheck in order to buy real LV but these little idiots go out of their way to rock fake shit. The funny thing is most celebrities don’t even have to pay for their designer labels.  Wake up kiddies you’re doing it wrong, as usual. #garbagepailkids


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