TRUKFIT by Lil Wayne

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But Lil Wayne exploiting the entire culture of skateboarding? What a joke. I remember when skaters were wary of Mountain Dew, ESPN, and even Nike, worrying if they were just being exploited.

Well here comes Lil Wayne and this time there is no confusion or wonder at all. How far is this idiot going to take this? He starts skating, well mostly falling, and carrying around a skateboard and draping himself in anything associated with skateboarding making the stuff he rocks unwearable to those who really know better.

And for anyone who tries to contradict me or call me a hater, hold it right there. I’ve been doing this thing we call skateboarding since the 80′s. I watch Wayne and I just see an overstyled poser who looks too scared to skate. Check him out all over Youtube looking shook. Wayne, throw the hood up on your Odd Future hoody, pull up your leopard print tights, tie up your Jeremy Scott teddy bear Adidas and go exploit something else. You can’t auto tune yourself into a real skateboarder. And to think I used to think Pharrell aka Skateboard P was bad. Damn Weezy. for all of your poser gear. Let the world know, “I DON’T ACTUALLY SKATEBOARD.”

Fast Tube by Casper


Fast Tube by Casper

WTF? Lil Wayne is ridiculous.


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