Viktor & Rolf go to the DARK SIDE!

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Viktor & Rolf:  Fall/Winter 2011 – Espace Ephemere Tuileries Paris, France.

Often the simplest of ideas are the most effective in fashion, which was very much the case with the latest runway show, or work or performance art, by Dutch duo Viktor & Rolf. The action opened with veteran, and still skinny, model Kristen McMenamy appearing in ten layers of clothing, a five-foot wide silhouette, looking like she weighed 300 lbs and covered in a dramatic dark fox collar over a boucle wool coat. Next, the designers in black tuxedoes marched her out to a central, slowly turning disc in the middle of their impressive catwalk, composed of an ingenious new industrial print featuring zeppelins, pylons and factory chimneys. As each new model appeared the duo would take one layer off McMenamy, and put it on the newcomer.

Half way through the show, they reversed the process and began dressing the veteran, until she had resumed her monumental size by the end. The collection had the usual Viktor & Rolf preferences, huge triangular lapels, outlandish collars and oversized ruffles, and in a sense, was not terribly ground-breaking. But as a show, it was surely the most brilliantly executed either side of the Atlantic this season. The timing and execution throughout were flawless, in an exemplary display by the team of French show producer Alex de Betak.

Kristen McMenany, Viktor & Rolf

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