Valentino receives the FIT Coyote Council Award!

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Some people Breathe Elegance it doesn’t have to be copied or cultivated it is inherent and standing close to the “Last Emperor” his presence is quite alluring his demeanor while calm and measured is by no means snobby or lofty, in fact he was warm and gracious to everyone and anyone who approached him both young and beautiful, and the aging and fighting it tooth and nail and losing.

Anyone else that was orange in skin tone would elicit arched eyebrow or at least a snicker but he is recognized as one who is above reproach. The room was filled with appreciation, Anna Wintour presented the Award with a warm and personal speech and another fashion icon sent a letter of congratulations.

Would you ever have thought that Valentino and Karl Lagerfeld could have been drinking buddies???





















I must wind this up with a little homage to Daphne Guinness. Never have I heard such blatant adoration for a woman from other women! Daphne would be frightened if she knew how many times I heard “I am obsessed with Daphne Guinness! Oh wait one of those voices was my own!!!!

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