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So that fashion line called Pastelle that Kanye West has been working on for ages?


Not happening. After images from the Pastelle look book leaked on the web yesterday, his people revealed that the line would never be released. It’s very strange — Kanye seemingly put everything aside to devote himself to fashion design. He cleared his schedule for an entire five months, starting in February, to work on Pastelle and his Louis Vuitton sneaker collaboration. He even delayed his tour (which is neither here nor there now, since it isn’t happening anyway, but we digress!). So meticulous is Kanye as a designer that after working on Pastelle for over a year, he only produced four Pastelle pieces, including three articles of clothing and a belt. If you can’t live without a bit of Kanye fashion in your life, there are always those kicks he designed for Louis Vuitton last season. Stay tuned.

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