Ryan McGinley: “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” Gallery Show

March 24th, 2010 by HFL Staff received Comments Off


Something way beyond GRAND happened at the TEAM GALLERY at 83 GRAND in Soho last night!  A never before seen phenomena arose as thousands jammed the streets waiting to file inside a gallery to look at the young, seemingly innocent and unscathed images of immensely fuckable beautiful younger than young kids, yeah some were nude but that wasn’t it, it’s all about… fresh, untainted, full of promise and future perfect.

Speaking with the photographer-rock star who commanded this attention, I asked if there was something he is searching for? Ryan McGinley shared his fascination is and has been from early on — nudity.  Endless images of nudity!!! Asked if anything he has worked on has disturbed him he said only the series of self-portraits he took of himself vomiting and only some of those photos.  Sorry I asked. Possessed by the weird answers I have been receiving to this question I put it too him:  ”Time on your side or the enemy?”  Guess.

r2aBill Powers and Philip Seymour Hoffman



With over 1,000 waiting outside to get in, Police brought in a Noise Riot Car that blasted high pitched sounds to send people running. McGinley finally came out with a bullhorn urging his fans to leave or the Police would bring in horses!

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