Fashion Clowns

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Fashion can be fun, creative, and avant-garde but it can also be annoying in the hands of the clueless. Nobody loves a fashion victim and the following people are about as victimized by their own poor taste as any human being can be. What makes these people more pathetic is the fact the most of them have paid stylist who help them commit these fashion felonies. Come witness the clowns that HFL is about to arrest and lock up for unforgivable fashion violations.

Fashion BOZO. is 38 years old there is really no excuse to look like Homie the Clowns uppity brother. Pop Art this is not. must not have a friend in the world if he has the balls to walk around like this during the day.


Clown Shoes. These shoes may be Christian Louboutin’s but clown shoes are clown shoes. Swarovski crystals should never make their way onto any man’s shoes unless his name is Ru Paul.

Nanoo nan NO! We did not know that T.I. was casted in Tyler Perry’s remake of Mork and Mindy? Even Stevie Wonder can see this look is Cray Cray. Wait T.I. must want some of that Crayola money because we’re really not understanding this look. Or maybe T.I. is shooting a Skittles commercial? Yeah get that Skittles cash Tip!

Off the WALL

John Wall needs to leave Jeremy Scott alone. If you want wings on your kicks maybe you want to pick a different color way dude. The gay club kid kicks don’t work for you unless you want to tell us something? We’re so exhausted with the sneakers we don’t have the energy to address the sox’s. Stick to Galaxy foams dude, stay in ya lane and stop rocking ya sisters clothes. Ok?

Matching vs. Prints

As usual Wayne is doing too much and not enough all at the same time. Looking at this troll give us seizures.

Users are Losers. This is your mind on drugs kids. Acid wash capris, fannie pack, etc. Wayne is OD’ing as usual. Someone needs to call TMZ and then the ambulance. Wayne is not going to make it this time.


“You can’t WIN child….NO! you can’t win” As Michael Jackson sang in the Wiz Usher…”You ain’t break even. And you can’t get out of the game.” This dude need to stop with the glitter, stop rocking red ruby slippers and stop thinking he’s Michael Jackson because he’s NOT.

It’s not always better in Leather. We blame Virgil and Kanye West for this look 100%. Givenchy and leather don’t work for everyone! NO!

Repeat Offender.

Bad Fashion can re-offend. This look was last year but we’re still pissed off about this crap. No 2 Chainz! Hell NO you can’t get away with this.

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