David LaChapelle after party at Carnival x ”American Jesus”

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I just left David LaChapelle who has had surgery to make him look like Jesus!  I asked him a question that threw him for a loop???!!! It was so great to see his eyes pop here it is David OMG you have accomplished so much is there anything you haven’t done besides Die?

kenny-kenny-5webPictured above, KENNY KENNY, then LADYFAG AND MACK DUGAN.





Please don’t ask me where that came from but he was speechless and cracked up! And his answer was “I love Michael and Hawaii and I am working on my anger issues!


www.artintheair.com: On Tuesday night, David LaChapelle’s latest exhibition of photographs, a series of digitally-doctored depictions of the late Michael Jackson shown under the provocative rubric “American Jesus,” opened to a packed house at Chelsea’s Paul Kasmin Gallery.


So packed was Kasmin’s house that its sidewalk spillover rivaled the soundtrack release party for the “Jersey Shore” going on simultaneously next door at Marquee. After the shindig chez Kasmin, a select group of pretty young things — and some not-so-young things — dashed downtown for dinner at the Highline Room in Andre Balazs’s swanky Standard hotel, where a pair of long tables bathed in flickering candlelight waited to accommodate a glitzy crowd that included folks like collector Alberto Mugrabi, Vanity Fair contributing editor Ingrid Sischy, fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, DJ Jon Jon Battles, and artist Mickalene Thomas.


Here are five things IN THE AIR learned at this event:  1. A long white caftan-like garment paired with sideways baseball cap is a look that David LaChapelle, and only David LaChapelle, can pull off.  2. Amanda Lepore prefers not to remove her Ray Bans while she is eating dinner, thank you very much.  3. Every art event should include the adorable Dustin Lance Black, who won a screenwriting Oscar two years ago for the movie Milk.  4. It is not particularly appetizing to dine to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, pumped in at a volume so low one occasionally had the creepy sensation one was imagining the songs, or that they were having some kind of insalubrious subliminal effect on one’s psyche — or, at the very least, one’s appetite. (To be fair, LaChapelle — one of whose photos of the King of Pop shows him as an winged angel standing triumphant atop the devil — was heard demanding that the tunes be turned up.)  5. If wild dancing by semi-clothed revelers takes place, it is guaranteed to do so shortly after IN THE AIR leaves.

- http://blogs.artinfo.com/artintheair

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