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Pretty Flacko is known for trying trends that everyone can’t attempt but we found one trend that A$AP can have all to himself and that trend is rocking Daisy Dukes.

Dem Bones!

Daisy Duke shorts were short in the classic 80′s show Dukes of Hazzard to compliment her beautiful stems. How else did you think she avoided doing any jail time in Hazzard County, GA? But A$AP needs to keep his shorts just below the knee. Nobody wants to see his boney chick legs while he performs.


Chicken Little.

Even Chicken Little did not have legs like this. The sky may not be falling but A$AP’s street cred is. No bueno!


Wax on. Wax off.

I guess A$AP waxes those legs. What he really needs to do is cover up those knobby knees.

Dump this look dude.

Did Rocky take a dump in his shorts or is this clown sagging his shorts??? Ewww.

So hard!

It’s really hard to take this guy seriously in these mini shorts. Dude leave the short shorts to Rihanna. Thank u sincerely the editors of HFL

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