Always trying to appear NEW is getting REAL OLD.

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Lady Gaga is tormented by something.  And it might be all this attention she’s getting.

The heavy burden of being famous has been a running theme throughout her career, evidenced by the video for “Paparazzi” as well as album titles like The Fame and The Fame Monster. For more than a few years now, Gaga has tried to outdo herself every single day. We got it. Mission accomplished. 

Gaga now struggles to shock. Her schtick of wearing next-to-nothing, strutting in super-high platforms, running ragged ‘round the world has turned her into a spectacle that quite frankly is not all that interesting anymore not unlike her Music. Gaga has become a parody of Gaga at this point. 

You know your act has lost its edge when everyone from babies to grandfathers starts mimicking it and you are a valid costume option for Halloween. Can any of you remember the last time you were “shocked” by something Gaga has worn? EXACTLY! 

That meat dress was a few years back yall.  #just saying. Now GAGA invites us into the creepiest hollows of her tortured-artist’s soul with her black-liquid perfume, FAME, and a seriously unnerving five-and-a-half-minute promotional mini-film. 

Directed by Steven Klein, also behind the video for “Alejandro,” we’ve only got one question after watching this creepy clip: “So, when do you think Gaga is going to kill herself?”

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