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Day 1 of fashion week.  Feb 10.


BCBG  Very difficult to get up and get there by 10 am.  Had a great front row seat next to Kiki Palmer from Nickelodeon.  Okay, not Madonna, but better than being stuck in row 16, HotelNosebleedLand.  The show was actually more sophisticated and muted and dark ages chic, kind of flowing and sheer for todays runway than I expected.


I expected that everyone would just show up because Max is a big advertiser, but the clothes were kind of fine, wearable.  And I’m already seeing this silhouette with two long wide drops on both sides of the dress.  Last year it everything was lopsided, now it is lopsided on both sides.  INOVATION!  Gwen Stefani did L..A.M.B. At Milk.  She climbed up on a ladder to watch the show from a back corner right next to me. And I could barely watch the show I am so attracted to her big bleachy Marilyn hair.  And her kid was playing with little japanese dolls nearby and he was really cute.  The clothes looked generic hip to me.  She could wear them.  Anyone could wear them in the someplace hip, and wouldn’t stand out either way.  She was mobbed by press, and then I was leaving and she and Paul Wilmot walked right by me, and Paul called me over to talk to her.  And in fact she was wearing her own little leather jump suit which looked perfect on her.  But you can’t help but remembering how fabulous she looks on red carpets in everyone else’s clothes.  So, it’s like, Gee, why don’t you do spectacular, special stuff like that.  That’s what’s going through your mind.



But I suppose not everyone can make that or sell that.  And if everyone did it would be a really crazy world.  That would be the future.  For now, those kind of clothes are mainly for people like GS.  Heart Truth is this show at the tents for Women’s Heart issues. It was a real breath of fresh air that Mrs. Bush, the former president’s wife didn’t come this year.  Kim Kardashian’s handler, Jill, my friend, insisted that I come back into her dressing room to talk with her.  I love Kim.  And what with Reggie doing so fabu in the Superbowl, she’s huge right now.


But it was also Estelle’s dressing room. So when she came in, it was like, What the Fuck is jeff slonim doing in Estelle’s dressing room, and Kim was appologizing to her. But Estelle is really sweet. She was wearing McQueen leggings and really big fake eye lashes.  I had been talking to her earlier when they glued them on. And her eye lid was fluttering when they crimped it.  Quite an FM, fashion moment.

valerie harper

Valerie Harper was backstage, and Felicity Huffman and her husband, who told us about getting into drag for some women’s only party.  He’s not at all fem.  But we were amused.  And he was saying that at one of those award shows someone told him that none of the women wear undies under those fab gowns. And how it really turned him on and he danced all night.  Verbal viagra.  Felicity looked really great without makeup backstage. All american.  They all wear different designers onstage, but everyone wears a red dress.  Heidi klum threw a hand out to Joan Collins on the runway, and Joan lost her footing, and she was really trying to recover, but all of a sudden, under all the pancake and big hair and the big dress, she looked old for a second.  But she was a trooper and marched off the stage without falling.  Bethany Frankel of New York Housewives looked preggers, by the way.  The show took forever and I missed the GQ fete, but made it to Keith Harring Paradise garage thing by Pat Fields at Good Units on 57th street.  Had a chance to tell Patrick McDonald how much I loved his fashion on Launch My Line.  I thought D Squared really had weird taste in judging that show.  And, of course, everyone is wrecked about McQueen. Soooooooooooooo sad.  Caroline Hotel F Land T CRaig was telling me she followed all of his tweets and he told about his demise by tweeting.  And DJ AM did the same thing.  If Warhol were alive, he would make a comment about how people get so into tweeting that they just try to do more and more spectacular things for all of their followers. Sooooo hope this isn’t a trend.


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