Asher Levine Spring 2013. A is for ACID!

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First, a pre-show cocktail atop a yacht (who are we to complain, even without much shade and on a tight schedule) and second, to entertain us with the next chapter in his unfolding career as a distinct maestro of menswear creativity. Fittingly, the looks seemed inspired by mutant comic book villains and or the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The show, by the way, was a smash with Levine giving us more of his signature form of experimental proportion (volume) and fabrication (he loves some leather and sheer) that the most forward and daring of fashion fans could swoon over—a gorgeous oversized leather trench in crocodile print, floor length cable knit tunics, sheer capes, oversized orange blazers—with even a few pieces that might be considered almost-commercial, at least for the fashionably curious—namely, an acid wash blazer crafted with a short and wide lapel, an orange and blue hombre striped cropped sleeve jacket (and a similar denim look).

The show took place while LE1F with Don Jones featuring Mess Kid entertained us with some experimental hip hop, bellowing out, “A is for Acid, B is for Bass,” a stunt that might’ve been distracting if it wasn’t so apropo of the entire collection. Levine also entertained when he took to the runway himself, in what’ll be one the most smile-inducing moments of the week, disguised as what we’re guessing, was one of the fashion-savvy mutants that so inspired the collection.

Designer Adam Levine

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