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Music should always be authentic and finally we have an interesting development in Hip Hop which by many accounts is on the verge of collapse.  Asher Roth is no ordinary Rapper his music is nimble and witty and self-effacing.  In the 10 months since Asher Roth dropped his DJ Drama-helmed mix tape, “The Greenhouse Effect,” the Morrisville, PA raised rapper has managed to become a ubiquitous pop culture presence with the Weezer-riffing hit single,”I Love College,” and endorsements from Jay-Z and Andre 3000. Asher also is gimmick free which is also refreshing when Rappers like Lil Weezy go “Rock” and considering the inauthentic way white rapers have tried to prove their street “credentials.” “I have no real gimmick,” Roth recently told the New York Times.Raised by a father who is the executive director of a design firm and an herbalist-astrologer-yoga-teacher mother, he’s unfailingly affable, with a bit of Ferris Bueller-style naughtiness thrown in. And with his excellent, versatile debut album,”Asleep in the Bread Aisle”(SchoolBoy/SRC/Universal),he will become the most commercially viable white rapper since Emimen. It’s worth remembering that Eminem, for all his acceptance in the hip-hop world, found greater success in pop.”Eminem’s not an artist you necessarily hear in the clubs or on urban radio, but he’s well respected by his peers,”DJ Drama told the New York Times. 1232rgh

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