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HGJKKK“Adopted children are luckiest because they were chosen.”
Christina Crawford

Most people at this point have heard about Sacha Baron Cohen new Movie Bruno which is about  a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion correspondent hoping to make it big in Hollywood. In the first bit of footage, Bruno has decided to achieve celebrity by adopting a black baby, and wants to feature the child in an avant-garde performance art project. The clips of “Bruno” pulling the child out of a FedEx box at the baggage check is really over the top FUNNY!  Sacha is really a cutting edge genius because Hollywood has been pulling this trick for years and it’s time to look at this trend with a more “discriminating” eye. I mean let’s be real Angelina Jolie is wonderful and conscience about international issues and generous with her love and the like but come on before the adoptions she was not that much different from Megan Fox and Brad Pitt’s image was about as deep as a peanut butter cup. It’s just interesting to note that some adoptions really do change the lives of both the child and the way we look at the celebrity but as history has proven these arrangement don’t always end up shall we say…for the best…especially in Hollywood. Here is a gallery of some people who may not be laughing too hard at Bruno’s take on the Hollywood trend of image rehabilitation.





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