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The BET Awards are always a fun event NOT because of who win’s or the performances (which naturally are of no interest) but mostly because of what people select to wear to the show.  Unlike most award shows the BET crowd are very “creative” in how they interpret the RED CARPET. Music stars in general seem to have a difficulty with fashion and this years AWARD show was NO exception. Here are some of our choices for the worst possible looks known to the RED CARPET. Let’s review the fashion crimes and misdemeanors that come from hip hop’s “finest”…

Nepotism (and bad styling) at it’s finest! Nobody ever said the BET Awards are based on talent or fairness. Willow and Jaden both “tied” for the same “YOUNG STAR” award (surprise!) and their parents actually ”teared up” when they won (now that’s acting). What’s also unfair is the fact that we actually have to look at two (fairly attractive) children dressed like Beverly Hills circus freaks.

These two are victims of their parents FAME and it shows in how HOLLYWOOD (and over styled) they look at ALL times. From Jaden’s custom made MCM jacket (complete with his initials) to Willow’s over embellished boots and hostile hair style (check the T-shirt), nothing about these kids are cute or age appropriate. You are constantly reminded that it’s the parents fame that propels these children not their actual talent.

Lloyd likes it YOUNG! Lloyd likes to be called “YOUNG LLOYD” but that nickname “YOUNG” may apply to his fit more than his age! Lloyd must not have any friends because FRIENDS don’t let friends hit the red carpet looking this GENERIC.

The glasses are WRONG. The pants are extra smedium and tucked (neatly) into his Christian Louboutin sneakers. FAIL! And what happened to dude’s shirt? Lloyd you’re not BIG enough to get away with this look maybe that’s why most people STILL don’t know who you are.  JUSTSAYING!

TYGA OD’d!!!!! The Coconut juice must have  gotten him real loose! Tyga looked like he was twisted on CRACK when he put all this GOLD on.

When you look like you’re going to a 90′s Halloween party it’s not a good look. Accessories on men can work but not ALL of them at the same time. Less is more. And the LESS we see of Tyga on the red carpet the better.

Attention WHORE’s R US! Wiz and Amber have figured out that red carpet STUNTS seem to help CD sales and BUZZ. Wiz and Amber keep it real FAKE and it works for them and their growing fans.

PDA is fine but every time we see these two this is usually how it goes. Seriously? What other reason would these two have to be on the red carpet if not for STUNTS because as far as STYLE goes these two are NULL AND VOID.


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