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We recently came across this article on the talking about “the rise” of the Black Hipster AKA the “Blipster”. “Hipsters. They’re everywhere. You’ve seen them on skateboards, in the mall and at the club. You’ve seen them shrugging dismissively in Oakland, Calif.,Willamsburg, Brooklyn and Austin, Tx. And, suddenly, in Barack Obama’s Washington, too.”



Do you get a good sense of how this article is going to go, now? This term “Blipster” is just plain stupid as wisely noted and we decided to show some images of some people who express themselves in ways that are way beyond stupid terms like “Blipster”. Not following the masses and having personal style makes you a trendsetter and that is not limited to a category of race. We at Fashionland will continue to celebrate ALL types of people and spare them the “labels” and terms like “Blipster”. Pretending this is a “new” trend because people don’t dress like Young Jeezy is banal. Here is a gallery of people who express themselves strongly and are not “Alt-Black” but rather fashion forward and work with broader fashion strokes than Rocawear and Babyphat.





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