BOWIEBALL!!! with Caroline Torem Craig

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The Village Gate was a nightclub at the corner of Thompson and Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village NY.  Art D’Lugoff opened the club in 1958, on the ground floor and basement of 158 Bleecker Street.  The large 1896 Chicago School structure by architect Ernest Flagg was known at that time as Mills House No. 1 and served as a flophouse for transient men…

Tonight this venue known as Le Poisson Rouge was the scene of the Bowieball.  David Bowie, glam rock idol has his share of devoted fans.  The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, all contemporaries are regularly ”coming back” but it ‘s been a long time since we have seen or heard from DAVID.   Silly me… against all odds I thought he might sneak in to see ”his people.”  There was a ”Thin White Duchess” (semi stripper), a glittery host Deryck Todd, and Slinky vagabond designer Keenan Dufty among the various troubadours channeling Bowie.

The atmosphere was sweet nostalgia, maybe not as frenetic and ill bred as the shenanigans that occur at Le Bain, after all, at this point, He has to be wondering… “Will you still love me when I an 64?”… or even worse 65???  No Doubt! Now give it up for Caroline Torem Craig.  WHITE HOT!

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