Bruno Mars used to have one of the most annoying hair styles

March 21st, 2012 by Hotel Fashionland received Comments Off

We have one thing to say to Kid Cudi about his new hair style and that is: “NEVER 68 and owe one.” This hair style is so HALF ASS it’s not even funny. At least Bruno Mars went ALL IN with his Elvis like pompadour but Cudi’s lame attempt is just plain sad.  The Cudder’s old hair style was something to behold, so much so GQ even did a feature on his hair style and how he maintains it. We wonder what GQ thinks of Scott’s new just for me PERM slash ”rocker style”.

All we hope is that Scotty is not back on the cocaine and booze but his recent behavior on the red carpet leads us to think that….cocaine has a lot to do with ”The Kids” new perm.  Remember kids… Cocaine is one hell of a DRUG…. and if you doubt that just look at these photos again!

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