Cameron Diaz x Paris Fashion Week.

January 26th, 2012 by Hotel Fashionland received Comments Off

Let’s get real… this has not been the best year for Cameron Diaz.

First Cameron was unceremoniously dumped by A-Rod and speedily replaced with a younger trashy blonde bimbo. Then we saw Cameron at the Golden Globes hanging (AGAIN) with “good friend Diddy” (desperate) and looking like fashion road kill.

Cam Cam was sporting a harsh new hair style and looking dare we say….OLD and washed up. Being dumped yet again (remember Timberlake?) and then being linked to C-lister Diddy, it was only a matter of time before Cam Cam would be linked to other “troubled” aging Hollywood actresses that we will not name (Demi Moore).

But Cameron’s reception in Paris and some of her fierce looks reminded us that Cameron has not lasted in Hollywood this long by sheer luck.

Whipping the Parisian paparazzi into a feeding frenzy and looking tre chic while doing it Cameron let the jaded editors of HFL know that like Jennifer Hudson sang so eloquently in Dream Girls….”She’s not leaving”! Cam hit all the right notes in the City of Light and the message to A-rod was clear. F#$% U!


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