Cassie & Karrueche Tran. Gold Diggers or Dangerously in L-O-V-E?

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“King of Hearts” singer Cassandra Ventura aka Cassie came into the music industry dating her much older producer Ryan Leslie (sound familiar?).

Not soon after her single “Me and You” hit she went for upgraded, dumped Leslie and started dating Sean Combs. Diddy and Cassie have been extremely coy about their relationship over the years but Cassie has enjoyed every fringe benefit of being Diddy’s “unofficial girl”. Bloggers however have been anything but kind to Cassie calling her every name in the book primarily because they know she A. has no talent at all and B. that she is 100% in love with the lifestyle not the man.

Cracking under the criticism Cassie popped off on her instagram after realizing she was sick and tired of people’s negative comments towards her relationship with Diddy. She wrote: “F-ck a blog & anyone that makes up bullsh-t – u ain’t sh-t. I never even give a thought 2 unvalidated sh-t that gets posted, but I’m tired of it. Been committed for a long time to someone and I am so in LOVE w/HIM. Continue 2 call me names that u don’t even know the definitions 2 & wait 4 this Fall. #Rockabyebaby! I’m getting mine. This is dedicated to u!″  Whatever Cassie! A spade is a spade.  if it looks like a HOE it’s a HOE. HOE!

Next we have Karrueche Tran the vietnamese model has been dating Chris Breezy for almost a year is said to be furious at Rihanna (again) for constantly disrespecting her by publicly declaring her love for Chris. Karrueche has had to deal with speculation that Chris is seeing Rihanna again for months and Rihanna now declaring her undying love for him is humiliating for her (again).

Chris has generally stuck by Karrueche throughout all the rumours and gossip about Rihanna, telling interviewers Karrueche is his girlfriend. However, at the recent MTV Video Music Awards Chris shocked the world when HE stood up to congratulate Rihanna on her winning an award, kissing her on the cheek as she walked past him to walk up the stage. Like most women who were to see their boyfriend embrace their ex in such a manner, Karrueche was angry and now feels the whole situation has got out of hand.

Karrueche has told Chris she is sick of being disrespected by Rihanna, and has asked him to tell her to leave him alone or she herself will tell her to ‘f**k off’. Chris is thought to have reassured Karrueche that it was not his fault that Rihanna has been acting this way, and that he isn’t interested in getting back with her. Really Chris? Women like Cassie and Tran don’t win any points for going off on twitter while staying in dubious relationships. 

It’s clear money and fame trump self respect and love and these two women are A OK with that. Do you think Cassie and Karrueche are gold diggers who love the limelight and lifestyle more than the men? Or are these women really just dangerously in love????


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