Celebrity is a FAMILY AFFAIR in 2011.

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In the age of Reality TV it’s 100 times easier for the children of the Rich and Famous to launch themselves into the entertainment business in ways that were not even possible just a few year ago. Today we are almost inundated with photos and appearances of children who come out the womb red carpet ready. Here is a list of the most conspicuous future STARS and actual talent is not mandatory or required. Who said life is fair?

The First Family of Hollywood. The kids-Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 4, Knox and Vivienne, 2 are the most popular slash high profile children of Hollywood. When this family shows up anywhere the lucky establishment becomes a DESTINATION. The Power that this family has is unmatched by any other family in Hollywood and maybe the WORLD. When these children order food that menu makes it way to the Internet and people show up to the restaurant and in numbers to experience what it’s like to live like Hollywood Royalty.

The Chosen one. When Suri Cruise (5) was born to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes the media went into a frenzy. And as Suri grew so did interest in EVERYTHING she did, and wore. Suri is definitely the girl in a bubble but what a luxurious bubble it is.


Suri is almost always in a dress of some sort and she even has her own custom made heels and beauty accessories and is rarely seen with children her own age. Between the Scientology, and the natural pull of Hollywood it’s safe to say that as cute as Suri is this child is going to have Major ISSUES when she gets older.

Future Moguls. My name is Christian Combs Millionaire, I own a Mansion and a Yacht. Make that a few mansions and a fleet of yachts.

Christian Combs 12 is a spitting image of his father and he’s already making appearances in videos as a “dancer” just like his father did many moons ago when he was breaking into the Biz.

Well Christian is not Diddy’s only son he also has two older brother Justin(17) and Quincy(18) and they all seem to have interest in music so don’t be too shocked if when you see these 3 annoying you 24-7 as they release more and more music related projects. Take that!

Above:  Diddy with his stepson Quincy Jones Brown and biological sons Justin Dior and Christian Casey.

The Fresh Princess of Hollywood. The Willow and Jaden Smith World domination has begun and it’s not going to stop until they are BOTH more Famous than BIEBER.

Will and Jada have been secretly using Bieber to get their children more visibility and to learn how to control a Franchise that is that LARGE. Friendships in Hollywood are not always what they seem. (above: Jaden, Willow and Jada Pinkett Smith)

Willow has a new movie (Annie) as well as a new CD so get used to seeing this child BLOW up over the summer and well Beyond. (above: Willow and Lady Gaga).

LOVE CHILD! When you’re dealt lemons…make Lemon aid! Sandra Bullock just won the Oscar but discovered she was living with a cheating douche who may have been a White Supremacist having an affair with a Tattooed SKANK.

These seem like great reasons to reset your life but little did the public know that Sandra had a special surprise. She was raising a newly adopted son named Louis Bardo Bullock. And when the world saw him for the first time on the cover of People Magazine a STAR was born.

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