Chris Paul seems to have it all but off court he has a very serious PROBLEM.

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The NBA has really tried to remold the images of it’s players as “gentlemen” who have it all. Long gone is the image of Allen Iverson paradigm of keeping it real off the court. Tupac has given way to ”Yeezus” and players have become much more “fashion” conscience off court. Big contracts and big endorsements mean big bucks but one thing we’ve learned over at the Hotel and that is that big money can’t buy you STYLE. 

We’ve seen the images of D-Wade, Lebron James, and Russell Westbrook trying to make bold statements with their sartorial selections. And we’re not here to judge the effectiveness of those other players (well at least not today) but we will say this… either GO BIG or GO HOME. While we may not respect how D-Wade rolls his suit pants up to his kneecaps at least the guy takes risks and does not seem to give two fu*k$ what people think of his choices. Chris Paul fashion choices conversely under whelms and worst than that he commits one of the worst fashion faux pas known to man…. Chris Paul MATCHES everything he wears. Here are some of Paul’s most coordinated looks. Tell us what you think of them.

Chris loves the 80′s. Name an animal, and chances are its hide has been converted into an article of clothing in the ’80s. Snakeskin, zebra print, and leopard were notorious for appearing on pants, jackets, and everything in between. Dude just say no. And matching your sneakers perfectly to your kicks is just plain SAD!

40% off at J-Crew. Looking like you just came off a J-Crew shoot or a Macy’s ad is just not cool. Can Chris possibly look any more nondescript or white washed? American Eagle anyone? And the worst part of this look was his wife also had on stripes that same night when they went to dinner. Matching what your wife rocks screams L-A-M-E. I think Chris’ balls were in her purse that night as well… wait no… I think she was wearing them as her earrings… yeah that was it.

Won’t you be my Neighbor? I did not know Mr. Rogers was up in the CLUB? Wait is Chris 28 or 58? Zzzzzz.

50 Shades of Gray. It takes skill to be this boring, monotonous, tedious, irksome, tiresome, humdrum on the red carpet of the BET awards. This takes matching to new LOWS. (Chris Paul with wife Jada Crawley)

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