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As a ”downtown ” nightlife photographer, as a lover of beauty the first thing that dumbstruck me was the first time I spotted DASH SNOW.  Here we were long past the 60′s, long past the ”hippie ” look and  there was DASH– REBELLION AND BEAUTY an unrelenting artist living over the edge..I mean walking- down the street in 99 degree weather in total black leather from head to boot with skulls and streaked dirty blond hair … all he had to do was be!  BUT I FOUND OUT HE WAS SOO MUCH MORE and was always a little smug and proud that I knew all about him.  Like a majority of REAL BRILLIANT STARS he never bothered to be aloof and condescending I can close my eyes and see him in front of DEITCH sitting on the steps with CINDY GREENE of LIBERTINE after an art show holding downtown royal court top hat in place scanning the area for more WILDNESS!  So I gasped with  hope and surprise when  the last time I saw him he had an impossibly angelic little cherub(SECRET,his daughter)in his arms….and they looked marvelous together.


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