Demi Moore! It’s so unfair!!!

April 10th, 2010 by HFL Staff received Comments Off

For years interest in her figure, and how she kept it in shape, overshadowed her acting career.


And Demi Moore did little to discourage the scrutiny – now admitting that she had an ‘extreme obsession’ with her body. But at 47 the actress says she is finally happy with her figure, and is no longer trying to change it. Demi recently told British Elle: ‘After years of trying to dominate it, I’ve finally got the body I’ve always wanted’. AND HOW! Demi is currently promoting her latest big screen offering The Joneses, which also stars David Duchovny. They play a perfect couple who move into a gated community with their equally perfect children and become the envy of all. Demi looks AMAZING and from the look of these pictures she also is the envy of all in real life as well. But then again who said life at the Hotel was fair?


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