Did you happen to notice…….

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Ok we all know the BET Awards sucked. But there were some things we just happened to notice that made us say….PAUSE! Like…..

BET Hair Wars: Bruno Mars’ music is easy enough to avoid (if you try) but his hair style totally annoys us. Bruno’s hair is so wrong on so many different levels it’s hard to know where to begin. The EFFORT ALONE required to maintain that helmet hair give us a headache. But then again would we be even talking about Bruno if not for that hair? EXACTLY!

And while we’re on the subject of hair what the hell is Diddy’s oldest “son” Quincy going through? Besides looking like a bootleg Bruno Mars we can’t help but wonder why his “father”is not sharing more of the Proactive stash with his Heirs. JUSTSAYING!

NE-YO steps out of the Closet: Ne-yo is a man of many hats and when we say many we’re not kidding. For YEARS we have seen Ne-yo’s insecurity with his fading hairline play out with his addiction to hats no matter what the occasion.

Well Ne-Yo decided to take one step out of the Follicularly Challenged closet and here are the results…..

We’re voting for the HAT.

Chris Brown needs to learn a new word:  HUMILITY. Chris may be a convicted woman beating FELON but if you think he’s learned humility you’d be wrong.

When Chris won his two (that right two) awards at the BET awards you kind of got the feeling that it’s been a while. A LONG while. SMH. What a Douche!

Role Reversals. Will and Jada love to play with gender roles in their relationship. For example look at how they named their children. Willow (WILL) and Jaden (Jada).  But looking at this photo you get the sense that it’s not the only roles these find can be interchangeable.  JUSTSAYING


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