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Some people say that you have to dress for success but in the Fashion  world that’s not always true especially when you look at those who create  fashion. For example, Alexander McQueen while a brilliant and cutting edge designer on the runway, off the runway let’s just say he dresses for  comfort first. The same can be said of this years odds on favorite designer Marc  Jacobs…(a skirt anyone?).

But when it comes to some Menswear designers what you typically find are male designers with impeccable style that eventually finds itself  mirrored in the collection. To prove this theory we have pulled 2008′s CFDA  Menswear nominee’s and two of their looks off the runway. See if just by looking  at the designers style if you can pick who (based on his personal style alone) should win. Remember dressing for success has never taken on a stronger meaning then in world of Menswear fashion. And we can’t help but see a link in personal  style and a stunning collection (that is if we can count last years win for  anything).

This year the Menswear Designer of the Year nominee’s are, Calvin Klein’s Italo Zucchelli Michael Bastian, and Band of Outsiders’s Scott Sternberg  tune in tomorrow when we size up this year’s nominees and see how their designs match up with their own personal style and see if we can’t  pick the winner this year based on the criteria of personal style and the  relationship that has with the respective collections.


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