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Rule number 1 when it comes to style is always dress for the occasion. Given that the Espy “awards show” is an “awards show” there is no reason to be dressed like Colin Kaepernick or Victor Cruz. Let’s start with Colin Kaepernick shall we? If memory serves us correctly the 49ers lost the Super Bowl. So there is no reason in the world why Colin is dressed like “Kal-El” from Krypton. There is no reason on this Earth for a man to wear these colors in a suit unless his name is Christopher Reeve and the year is 1980 and you’re doing battle with General Zod. Even Henry Cavill’s Superman suit was not in this bright and loud color scheme.

Now on to Victor Cruz…. Did Victor just get off the Good Ship Lollipop with Shirley Temple or is he shooting a new Nautica ad? Head to toe everything Victor has on is wrong for presenting at an awards show. When Selena Gomez is the only one dressed appropriately as “adult” then Houston we have a serious problem.

Lamarr Houston – GAME OVER!  When the Oakland Raiders’ defensive tackle Lamarr Houston showed up rocking this retro “Punch-Out” T-shirt and Kwame styled dyed high top hair cut he just proved he has NO style game whatsoever.

Vince Young – Berry Berry Unnecessary!  Note to The Philadelphia Eagles’ Vince Young…. No Football player should ever show up on the red carpet looking like a a scoop of sorbet. We think Prince said it best you don’t want to remind people of a “Raspberry Beret”…you know the kind you  find in a second hand store. And we’re not even go to talk about the matching plaid pants.

DeSean Jackson – Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!  Someone should tell Philadelphia Eagles DeSean Jackson that looking like you have a Hefty bag sewn to your t-shirt is not HOT. In fact it make us HOT to see leather on T-shirts if anything. This look would not even work at the BET awards but it may work at the club not on the red carpet.

Jimmy Butler – It’s not easy being green.  The Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler looks like a dressier version of a the Green Power Ranger. Head to toe this look is a complete FAIL. If your suit pants look like the color of puke your dog hacks up after eating the lawn then leave those pants ALONE. This look should never see the red carpet ever unless of course you’re at a summer party in the Hampton.

Waraire Boswell – Designer mess.  Waraire Boswell is an American fashion designer that is very popular in the NBA with players like Lebron James and judging Boswell’s personal style it’s no surprise that he’s so popular with athletic set. Those pajamas pants alone are all types of wrong. F-O-U-L!

Nick Young – Espy SOS.  Too bad A&E’s INTERVENTION went off the air because Los Angeles Lakers’ Nick Young really needs one and quickly. Young wants to appear “young and contemporary” but he is really doing the MOST and appears to be trying way to hard. Please get this guy a stylist and some suit pants we think he can afford BOTH.

D-Wade – Da-Prom King.  D-Wade has a bold and unconventional style and we’re still on the fence about it. The red Balenciaga sneakers are a bold enough choice but the scarf is complete OVER-KILL. Over accessorizing kills folks. And looking like the “Prom King” is too pedestrian and just not cool for someone as experienced in age as D-Wade.

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