Evan Ross is “Premium Bohemian”

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Appearances in Hollywood can often times be deceiving. Steven Tyler for example might look like a homeless bag woman from Ventura Boulevard but his clothes are probably custom made from Rodeo Drive. Evan Ross would also love you to think he does not put much thought into his rather unstructured and often times messy appearance but his look is carefully crafted and VERY expensive. In other words the average man could go broke trying to look this offbeat. Think Rick Owens, Balmain or if Michael Jackson interpreted a “down to earth bohemian” look given his bank account and background. Stars are really NOT just like us but they sure try to look that way don’t they? Here are some of Evan Ross’ “Premium Bohemian” looks…. only the Hollywood Elite can look this hippie chic. Think Westwood vs. Woodstock.

Evan Ross

I AM RICK OWENS — Looking like an extra from the apocalyptic “I am Legend” Evan attempts to prove that he can make this look work as a every day “evening look”. But don’t give him too much credit he only was on the actual “street” dressed this way for a few seconds before being picked up by his driver.

Clutch the Pearls! — Only in LA kids. For a second we thought the King of Pop was back from the DEAD.  Evan is clearly mixing a few looks here. Let’s see….. 4 thousand Balmain jacket…check!  Distressed designer boots…check!…Fashion stylist with pearls on…check!

Dressing “Down” — Evan Ross is very smart….. When mingling with the common folk one has to make them feel at ease. Taking off the 4K Balmain jacket gives his look a more earthy/casual quality. Don’t you love Balmain’s ripped t-shirts? For  just a few hundred dollars you 2 can look like you just rolled out of bed…. from the Hollywood Hills. Gotta love it. Premium Bohemian!

Evan Ross Out Wearing a Michael Jackson Shirt

Going Vintage — Rocking a vintage Michael Jackson t-shirt along with ”designer” camo sweat pants and boots seems to be inconspicuous enough? Right? The difference here is that Evan Ross really knew Michael Jackson but you would never know that by looking at him now would you?

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