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Earlier this year A$AP Rocky expressed the idea that “band wagon” rappers can make a high end label less appealing. 

Rocky is a big fan of the Riccardo Tisci-designed brand, but now feels too many fellow emcees hopped on the trend without an honest appreciation, and it really bothers him.

Well you know what?….this $h#t bothered us as well…. So much so that we decided to test his theory.

We have complied a few images of some “band wagon rappers” with no “appreciation” for the Parisian label Givenchy to see if they do indeed “spoil the brand”……

2 Tired!  2 Chainz can make anything look terrible and this is a prime example of his special gift. Wearing a sweatshirt around the waist to resemble a kilt but avoid the backlash of actually wearing one is such BS! Like we said before….either GO BIG or GO HOME. At least Kanye had the balls to wear the actual kilt.

Not so F-a-b-o-l-o-u-s. Fab, Fab. Fab. This dude Fabolous can’t “sell the garment” as they said in Paris is Burning. Even though Fab has on Givenchy (head to toe) it looks like some off brand from Zumiez. John David Jackson please have “several seats”.

Step and Repeat. Please refer to comment #3. Again ”Fab” does not have that je ne sais quoi  one needs to be noticed or even recognized for that matter. If you were unfortunate enough to have picked this particular look from Givenchy after seeing Fab in it you might want to reconsider donating it to charity rather than EVER wearing it again.

Cruz right on past this look. Victor Cruz may have the moves on the field but he fumbles the ball in this look. Givenchy is clearly not for everyone yall. This looks more Ed Hardly on Victor less Givenchy if you know what I mean.

There aint no Future in fronting! Let’s keep it 100 shall we? If Rapper Future was not dating Ciara (who Riccardo Tisci adores and showers with his designs) we would not even be talking about this nobody. That’s all!

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