What happened at the Golden Globes?

January 18th, 2011 by HFL Staff received Comments Off

Remember when awards had GREAT fashion moments? Remember when the “stars” cared how they looked and they came ready for anything? Remember the surprising moments that reminded us why we tolerate all the Hollywood excesses (and bad movies)? This year it was too easy to run through the typical best worst list (We love Helena Bonham Carter for being  a total creative) because we realized that those lists are usually based on the popularity of the stars. Golden Globe Host Ricky Gervais ROASTED Hollywood and it was AWESOME to behold and we hope we see him hosting again. A sharp tongue will make up for a boring show any day as HFL readers know very well. A special shout out to Gabourey Sidibe who at least had the right  attitude and facial expressions which summed up our attitude on the red  carpet.

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