Guess who is starved for “attention”?

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J for Jerk Off.

Justin Bieber may have the highest selling digital song EVER but the Biebs was wearing Guy Fawkes mask in the city why again????  

To solve this POP conundrum figured the following logical scenarios Justin Bieber is either:

a) A huge V For Vendetta fan,

b) An Occupy Wall Street sympathizer,

c) A fan of The Newsroom, where Guy Fawkes masks and Occupy Wall Street have been recent topics, or

d) He’s just being a Jerk off in a mask for attention.

You decide…. (que the final Jeopardy music).

A Gas Mask In London

Justin B gets The GAS FACE.

“Black cat is bad luck, bad guys wear black
Musta been a white guy who started all that….”
(Make the Gas Face!) 3rd Bass.

The Rap Group 3rd Bass was ahead of it’s time when they wrote GAS FACE.

Note to Justin B if you want to avoid attention there are better ways to “mask” your identity than this dude. #justsaying


Leader of the New School

Michael Jackson was one Smooth Criminal. When it comes to winning the smooth contest Michael Jack is always first. Masks, chimps, turning celebrity into an event was something this guy started and is the reason we see the Justin Bieber’s of the world trying to create that same magic and failing miserably. If you can’t  be an original don’t even bother kids.

Lady Gaga at London Fashion Week 2012

Fine Art Forgery

Picasso baby! Lady Gaga has fooled the world into believing her shtick is “high art” or “Art Pop” as her new CD is titled. But as the Barenaked Ladies reminded us…..”Stop Us If You’ve Heard This One Before”.

Remember “Spidheidi”?

EXACTLY! The Hills are alive….but thank GOD we don’t have to endure the ultimate media wh*res any longer! The moral of the story? Gimmicks don’t last and TRICKS are indeed for kids.

Maison Martin Margiela

Douche Bag riot.
Oh the things we do to stay relevant. Kanye West is usually ahead of the musical curve but when he showed up at a Paris fashion show rocking a red mask identical to the ones Russian girl group Pussy Riot wears the following lyrics came to mind….. “Beat biter dope style taker tell ya to your face you aint nothing but a FAKER”

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