Hair Wars – Rihanna vs Bieber

January 18th, 2011 by HFL Staff received Comments Off

Pop Music does not get any BIGGER than Justin Bieber or Rihanna and if you doubt that check out the latest Billboard. However, Rihanna and Justin have built their careers not solely on the music but also on their respective hair styles.

Rihanna was just an island girl singing about the sun but when she cut her hair and debuted it in her Umbrella video, a POP SUPER STAR was born. Conversely Justin Bieber was just some annoying kid on u-tube but “The Bieber” hair style made girls love him as if he were Paul Mccartney re-born. So when Justin and Rihanna re-mixed their hair styles respectively we were torn on the results. Tell us which one you prefer? The Only Girl in the World vs The Bieber! Let the battle begin!

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