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Asked about explaining who HANUK HANUK or HANUK is and I would have to say he creates web sites, writes and photographs for Men’s style, STYLE.COM, INTERVIEW and MEN’S VOGUE. HANUK is famous for taking photos of himself kissing others, I know I see him at all the best parties, usually alone and quite friendly but mysterious. l1110052hanuk

I think recently he thought he was pregnant and people were critical of this. I am reasonably sure he is brilliant and operating on a different playing field than most. He once told me I was his inspiration in becoming a nightlife photographer and that made me sad and mad too … the last thing I needed was another damn photographer loose on my turf especially one I instantly liked and appreciated! - N.Y. NIGHTCLUBBER. http://glemaud.com.  http://christianfastrup.com.



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