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When it comes to promoting film Hollywood actors can learn a few things from Hugh Jackman. Blockbuster season is here and Hugh (the Studio) is leaving nothing to chance. Some people just show up on the red carpet thinking that is all they need to do to sell their respective movies. Not Hugh! From Australia to Paris, Hugh has been doing all types of stunts to get people excited about his current project.

hugh fistshugh wolf

Jackman has zip lined from a helicopter down to the set of a radio station in true superhero fashion.  The grand entrance brings to mind Daniel Craig’s debut-by-boat as James Bond back in 2005—except this is way more hardcore. While some may doubt the physics of Wolverine launching up from the ground and onto a helicopter there is officially no denying that the character’s real-life counterpart can make his way off a chopper in grand fashion. And for those of you downloading pirated copies of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” do you hear that whoop-whoop-whoop noise? That’s the sound of the Hugh-licopter coming to enforce its adamantium laced vengeance on your computer. This is dedication to your job!

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