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The elusive Kanye West made a rare appearance after the birth of North West to display his ever-fading fashion sense. Looking at this “hyper” trendy take on the simple sweat suit we began to realize that Kanye is really just the worst type of fashion victim.

This getup Yeezus is rocking is so typical in Hollywood. Only in Hollywood do designers find the need to release extravagant versions of the most pedestrian looks. We can just envision Olivier Rousteing (the head designer of Balmain) laughing his ass off just adding expensive zippers to simple sweatshirt hoodies and charging $1,000.00 plus for them and getting fashion zombies to pony up those ridiculously high prices. Rappers like Kanye only buy these things mind you because they want their fans to know they can afford it and not for any other reason. Don’t believe us? Well just ask Ye…. “What you want, a Bentley? Fur coat? A diamond chain? All you [rappers] want all the same things”  New Slaves

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