Kanye West’s Fashion Debut! (Post #1000)

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Kanye West’s genius as a groundbreaking musician is unquestionable, whereas his status in the fashion world has been, until now, that of an ardent

bordering-on-obsessive fan boy. But let’s be real the fashion industry is not one based in reality or truth. Looking at this collection it’s easy to see that Kanye did not do anything ground breaking here and you could clearly see influences of other more well known designers like Balmain, Givenchy, and even street wear designers like Bathing Ape. I even noticed luxury elements used by The Row with the use of crocodile skins and other obvious elements.

It’s also funny how the fashion community applauded Kanye at the end of the show when it was never really clear what exactly the extent of Kanye’s involvement in this line really was. And the funniest part of this show was at the end when Kanye kept saying he wanted to end the entire ‘celebrity designer’ thing. HUH? Let’s be real people. The only reason there was such a massive turn out and or interest to see this collection was because Kanye is a celebrity.

Why do you think the audience contained so many A-listers of the fashion world from Anna Wintour down to Lindsay Lohan? I think the best take away is that Kanye made a massive effort not to have another Jennifer Lopez line for Macy’s or a Beyonce House of “Done it Wrong”.

Kanye is a very creative person and he did make this show from the HEART and I think that is what people were most attracted to.  We are excited to see Future Collections and we wonder how loyal the Fashion Community will be to the new iterations from Mr. West. We’re also super curious to see if real women will pay for what they saw on the Runway. Time will tell if this collection is really more “Flash than Substance”.

Lindsay Lohan attends the Dw by Kanye West.  Below Leigh Lezark, Olivier Theyskens, and Kanye backstage.


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