Leather Pants Rock or Drop?

December 1st, 2010 by HFL Staff received Comments Off

Leather pants seem to be the Fall/Winter 2010 style trend that has the Hollywood A-List channeling their inner SLASH. But successfully pulling off this look is not as simple as it may appear. Let’s take at look at the highs and lows of the latest Hollywood trend.

Rule #1, leather pants should have an age limit on them. At 47 years of age and never having served as lead singer of any known Rock Band, Brad Pitt comes off as a complete poser who’s having a midlife crisis of some type. Dude, you’re married to Angelina Jolie you have nothing to prove so stop dressing like a douche.Where’s Tom Ford when you need him?

The Cool Kid. Jaden Smith loves to show other kids that he’s not exactly like them and this look is no exception. Not only does Jaden have ALL of his clothes custom made but rocking leather pants at his age shows kids that he’s more than a few steps ahead when it comes to style. Even though Jaden may be younger than his best “bud” Justin Bieber, all eyes are usually on the Fresh Prince of Hollywood and now you see why.

Anna Lynne McCord is not only on TREND (AND HOT) but she looks every bit the ROCK STAR (and did we mention that she’s HOT?).

Lenny, if you look in the mirror and you look like this (at any point in time) you need to go back home and change. 4 REAL DOE. This look is anything BUT effortless. Lenny is trying way too hard here and failing the entire way. This is what happens when trends attack and when we (foolishly) believe that we can truly wear anything and get away with it.

The Kid stays in the picture. Kid Cudi is making the statement that Leather is clearly better. If your a dude and you’re thinking on rocking leather pants this is how you do it kids.  THE END.

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