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Being a Model in 2011 is nothing extraordinary but how many models do you know who can walk both Men and women’s runways? Andrej Pejic (for those who don’t know) is a male model who has garnered much attention in the fashion world for his recent success modeling women’s clothing.

Fans of Andrej Pejic are in for a treat with New York Magazine’s Fall Fashion Issue, which features the gender-bending model on the cover and as the subject of a lengthy profile, titled “The Prettiest Boy In The World”.

The Bosnian-born 19-year-old, who was raised in Australia, has become the toast of the women’s fashion industry thanks to his slender build, long platinum locks and feminine face.

But a banned magazine cover at Barnes & Noble and a formal apology from FHM after it called him ‘a thing’ are just two instances demonstrating how his career has been fraught with controversy.

What do you think of Andrej’s look and is it fair that he can work both sides of the runway? Discuss.

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