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Marc Jacobs, more than anyone, knows that it’s not what you say but how you say it. The Louis Vuitton showman thus capped an incredibly strong Paris fashion week — with help from artist Daniel Buren — by building a life-size shopping mall inside the Louvre. Understatement is not a word in Jacobs’ vocabulary, so a collaboration with the minimalist artist — who made the famed striped columns in Paris’ Palais Royal — might have raised eyebrows. But Buren rose to the occasion.

What do you get if you mix up the world’s most famous checks and Paris’ most famous stripes? The answer: Louis Vuitton, whose 1960s style spring-summer fashion show twinned the iconic checked Damier pattern with a set designed by artist Daniel Buren.

Fast Tube by Casper

Buren created four full-scale escalators, featuring his signature 8.7cm stripes, which wowed spectators inside. Most of the 64 retro looks delivered in Mary Quant-style checks that made a bold optical statement in black and white, as well as browns, gray and leaf green. Slightly puffed rounded shoulders, miniskirts, beehives and a few exposed midriffs pointed to one thing: The swinging 60s are back.

Fast Tube by Casper

“It’s all about being graphic. (Buren’s escalators) are a mathematical equation,” Jacobs told journalists after the show. – Daily Herald

Twiggy -

Jean Shrimpton in a Mary Quant dress for Bizarre 1963, John French.

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