Missoni: Patterned Perfection!

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Looking at the Missoni show’s collection we were really impressed.The emphasis was squarely on the artisanal weaves that made the family fortune but there was also no kooky knitwear meltdowns. So a cardigan sat comfortably over a quilted waistcoat that sat comfortably over a woven shirt. Masterful!

The New York Times review of the Missoni show was written so eloquently and really made the case for why Missoni’s Boho chic may be a nice look to incorporate (on occasion).  “The bold pattern is not an easy proposition for most men. And Missoni is famous for its woven examples of just that. But somehow this collection stayed true to that heritage in an exciting, functional way.

When color and pattern appeared, they did so often subtly, as flecks in a cable knit or as a faint pattern showing through finely woven fabric. The emphasis was on quietly layered, earthy pieces that, despite sometimes being stacked two or three deep (with a scarf and hat to boot), remained modern and unfussy, like you could just toss them on.”  NYT

Ottavio and Rosita Missoni

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