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What a joyous holiday season this is turning out to be for models. Not only are they tall, thin, beautiful, and blemish-free, but they are having babies left and right. Yesterday we learned that Gisele gave birth, and today British Vogue reports that 19-year-old model Jourdan Dunn had her baby! Dunn gave birth to a boy on Tuesday afternoon, so her son and Gisele’s son could have either been born on the same day, or just hours apart. Those kids should set up Skype accounts and become best friends in honor of the coincidence, seriously. Dunn had her kid with her boyfriend of five years. She walked the runway at seven months pregnant for Jean Paul Gaultier’s show. Her agency hasn’t said whether she’ll walk the shows again in February, but a rep says, “Jourdan is really well and super happy.” She heads home from the hospital today.birth2web


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